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Entry #2

GREAT SCOTT! an update.....

2009-06-18 20:51:41 by xyionan

this is the first time for me to post a entry on here since im rarely active but with the debut of the art portal i thought id take this chance to get more active on here...

and with the opening of the portal i have taken the chance to upload some of the stuff from my final uni project which is a wide range of different styles and are all concepts for future animationa i will be working on the first will be screw loose which i am planning on turning into a webtoon and i am currently working on the series bible

ill post a full project entry once im fully decieded but at the moment everything is so hectic with end of year shows being put forward for a magazine thing and also prep for the new designers show in london....

more info later

catcha later and take care and if you want to see more of my stuff check out my DA


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2009-06-25 00:31:13

Go finish ur part in the I'm on a boat collab. so we can submit it and get weekly 1st k?